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    1. Definitions:
    1.1 Buyer: means the person or organization that agrees to buy the goods and to whom the goods are invoiced.
    1.2 Seller: means Freshtech Solutions Ltd.
    1.3 Price: means the price paid for the goods and services, including VAT, and as set out on the Confirmation of Order.
    1.4 Confirmation of Order: means the document supplied by the Seller to the Buyer setting out all the goods and services to be supplied and the price to be paid including VAT.
    1.5 Goods: means the items as set out and detailed on the Confirmation of order
    1.6 Hardware: means physical and integral components that form part of any product supplied.
    1.7 Software: means Software programs that require installation, by the buyer and require a license for use.
    1.8 Consumables: means items that have a limited use, owing to their nature and require renewal, by the Buyer, from time to time.
    1.9 Scheduled Date of Manufacturing: means the working day on which any Computer System ordered will begin its construction from component parts.
    1.10 Working Day: means any day Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm and specifically excluding bank holidays.
    1.11 Delivered & Delivery: means the day on which the Buyer collects the goods or the day on which the goods are delivered to the Buyers address.
    1.12 Terms and Conditions: means the contract as set out in this document.
    1.13 Contract: means the contract between the Buyer and the Seller and to which these terms and conditions relate.
    1.14 BTB: Back to Base: means the goods will be returned to the Sellers designated service premises for a remedy under the terms of the warranty.
    1.15 Reasonable Period of Time: Time in which the Buyer should examine the goods to ascertain their conformity with the contract.

    2. Price:
    2.1 The price shall be payable in Sterling and inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

    3. Payment:
    3.1 The Buyer must make known to the Seller the intended method of payment at the time of placing an order and purchasing goods. The Buyer may change his intended method of payment but this may delay delivery of the goods. In any event a new scheduled date of manufacturing will be given, if the Buyer makes alterations to a payment method.
    3.2 The Seller must receive cleared payment, before the Scheduled date of Manufacturing
    3.3 Payment is deemed to have been effected by the tendering of cash, the clearing of funds, the authorization of a credit card payment, by the credit card provider or the notification to the Seller of acceptance of credit approval by a finance provider to the Buyer.
    3.4 Goods cannot be delivered to the Buyer or collected by the Buyer until the Seller has received payment for the goods.

    3.5 Your Right to Cancel :
    Under the Consumer Protection Distance selling Regulations 2000, you have an right to cancel an order up to fourteen days after the day of delivery. You should exercise your right to cancel an order within the Cancellation Period by writing to us or via email atSales@freshtechsolutions.co.uk. Please note that we are not able to cancel or refund any computer software that has been unsealed / opened from its sealed packaging. Where a replacement or refund has been deemed appropriate, this can only be processed once the original goods are returned to us in their original state and condition. Where goods are returned as faulty after 14 days of receiving the goods, we reserve the right to return the product to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. If this should happen then it is likely that the repair or replacement could take up to 30 days to process. In some cases we may advise you to contact the manufacturer directly as they offer tailored end user warranties and in some cases on-site replacement and are therefore better placed to resolve any problems. Refund of Cancelled Product We will refund the purchase price of the Product and any shipping charges paid to us excluding the cost of the consumer returning the product to us within 30 days of the receipt of the Product, subject to our checking that the Product is as new and complete. Please note where we are unable to change the item we reserve the right to provide a refund. Products that are Faulty or Damaged in Transit: If you do happen to accept delivery of a Product and subsequently discover that it is faulty or damaged, DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT. In the event that you take delivery of the Product, but subsequently discover that the Product is faulty or damaged, you must inform us of this within 48 hours of receiving the delivery by calling 01782 849500 or via email at Sales@freshtechsolutions.co.uk , describing the fault or damage in as much detail as possible. Photographs are often a good way to communicate specific damage. Any use by you of the Product will be construed as your acceptance thereof and will restrict our ability to replace or repair the Product or to refund you. Please retain all original packaging. Once we have verified the fault or damage and advised you as such, we will either replace or give a refund for the Products. All refunds are credited via your original payment method and will be credited within 30 days from our verification of the fault or damage.

    4. The Goods:
    4.1 The Seller will supply to the Buyer only the goods and services set out on the Confirmation of order. Only named branded products or components will be supplied where this is specifically stated on the order confirmation. Where no brand name has been stated, on the confirmation of order, the Seller will supply the specification of component without prior notification or any guarantee of a specific brand name.
    4.2 If there is a failure of supply of any named branded product to the Seller, by its supplier, and as contracted between the Seller and the Buyer. The seller may advice the Buyer of an alternative product or cancel the order and give a full refund back to the buyer.
    4.3 Computer systems are made to the Buyers ordered specification. Components purchased by the Seller are in consideration of the Buyers order. If a Buyer wishes to change any item on the order prior to the Scheduled date of Manufacturing, the Buyer is advised that this may delay delivery, in consideration of supply and availability to the Seller of a specific component, re-processing of the order and any additional payments due from the Buyer. In any event a revised confirmation of order and Scheduled date of manufacturing will be given.

    5. Warranties and Guarantee: Nothing in these conditions reduces your statutory rights relating to faulty goods. For consumer advice contact your local Trading Standards Department of Citizens Advice Bureau.
    5.1 The Seller warrants that the goods will at the time of delivery or collection Correspond to the description given by the seller.
    5.2 There shall be a guarantee on the goods as supplied by the Seller to the Buyer and for a period of time, as set out here and together with any additional manufacturers Warranties supplied with the goods, by the Seller, and subject to the Limitations set out at
    5.3 Computer Base Unit: (Hardware of Tower or Desktop unit only): One year maximum or as set out on the confirmation of order. Notebooks/ Laptops: One year maximum or as set out on the Confirmation of order. Monitor: One year or as extended by the Manufacturers Keyboard & Mouse: One year only Speakers: One year only Printer: One Year only All other Ancillary and Peripherals: As set out on the documents provided with the goods by the Manufacturers.
    5.4 Limitations. The guarantee is limited to the rectification of hardware defects or faults, by the Seller or manufacturer only and during the guarantee period covering goods supplied by the Seller. The Seller will provide parts and labour free of charges. The seller will provide testing for diagnosis, parts and labour free of charges. NOTE: The buyer will at all times be responsible for the cost of any carriage, attendance, or remedy of hardware or software failure caused by the Buyer, User or any third party. Return to Base The Seller will pay for Courier collection, during the first three months of warranty only after the original delivery date, within mainland United Kingdom only, from the Buyers original delivery address premises, on a working day which has been mutually agreed between the Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer will pay for all carriage costs after the first three months of warranty, for delivery to and collection from the Sellers designated service premises. The Buyer will pay for all carriage costs outside mainland United Kingdom, at all times. The Buyer is specifically advised to back up and verify all data on a regular basis and in any event before a remedy under the guarantee. The warranty is limited to the remedy of diagnosed hardware faults, by the Seller. Licensed Software: The Buyers attentions are specifically drawn to the manufacturers copyright, license and terms of use, which are supplied with the Software. Software licenses are in place to protect the manufacturers against copying and piracy. The Seller will replace any faulty disks if the defect is notified to them within a reasonable period of time after delivery. Replacement will be effected by the collection, by the Seller, of the Software item with all licenses and documents originally supplied, and verification that the item is faulty. The Guarantee EXCLUDES: Normal wear and tear. Misuse, neglect or damage by the buyer or his agent. Modified or incorrectly installed goods by the buyer or his agent. 
    5.5 The Seller shall not be liable for the costs of carriage where the failure of the goods arises from the Buyers misuse, exclusions under the guarantee or there is no remedy required under the terms of the contract.
    5.6 If the Buyer requests a remedy under the terms of the guarantee and collection is provided, at the Sellers expense and no defects or faults are found attributable to the goods supplied. The Buyer is advised that the Seller will notify the Buyer of the Sellers costs of carriage collection. The Seller shall be entitled to charge the Buyer and recoup the actual costs of collection. The Seller undertakes not to charge any more than real costs and not to make any charges for profit. 
    5.8 The guarantee is only transferable, to a third party, with written agreement between the Seller and the Buyer, as to the condition and specification of the goods and the details of the third party recipient.
    5.9 Parts replaced under the terms of the warranty become the property of Freshtech Solutions LTD.

    6. Delivery & Collection:
    6.1 Goods will be delivered to the Buyer only in consideration of any delivery charges paid, by the Buyer, and as set out on the Confirmation of order. As Computer Systems are made to order, delivery dates are estimated.
    6.2 Delivery, where paid for, will be effected by third party Couriers. The Seller will not enter into any guarantees or contracts whatsoever with the Buyer for a specific day or time of delivery.
    6.3 The Seller shall not be liable for further delivery and collection costs where the Buyer fails to take delivery at the given delivery address, and after reasonable notification to the Buyer that delivery is being attempted, by the Courier.
    6.4 The Delivery address will be the address notified by the Buyer to the Seller at the date of placing the order. In order to protect Buyers from Credit Card Fraud and where payment has been made by credit card, the delivery address will be the address where the credit card is registered and may not be changed at all.
    6.5 The Buyer will count the number of boxes being delivered, by the Courier and sign the delivering Couriers paperwork clearly and only for the number of boxes received, in order to protect the Seller and the Buyer from refusal by Insurers to honour claims for missing boxes.

    7. Cancellations & Distance Selling Regulations 2000: Cancellations & Distance Selling Regulations 2000 Distance Selling regulations apply only to Consumer Buyers who have purchased goods by using distance communication (i.e. telephone, order form or online.) They do not apply to Business Buyers, Business Names or Consumers purchasing from our Showrooms. The Regulations do not apply to goods, which are built to the Buyers Specification where the finished product is a non standard item. For Advice contact your local Trading Standards Department
    7.1 All cancellations must be confirmed in writing or durable notice and clearly addressed to: Freshtech Solutions LTD, Unit B1 Fenton Trade Park, Dewsbury Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2TB. The written cancellation will become effective on the date of sending.
    7.2 The Buyer may cancel the order, from the date of ordering and before, but excluding; the day of dispatch of the order, without any charges and the Seller will refund the Buyer in full by the original method of payment.
    7.3 Distance selling regulations 2000. The Buyer may cancel the order, when it has been manufactured and dispatched and up to seven working days after delivery, (beginning the day after delivery). The Buyer has a duty of care, under the regulations, to take care of the goods so that they may be sold again as new, by the Seller. The Seller will claim, from the Buyer, for the resulting loss in value for goods not kept so that they may be sold again as new. The Buyer must make the goods freely available at the original delivery address, to the Seller or his agent, within 21 days of cancellation, for collection on a working day and use the prepaid addressed labels supplied by the Seller, to identify the goods. The regulations do not apply to unsealed licensed software. The Seller will refund the Buyer, within 30 days of the written notice of cancellation, by the original method of payment.

    8. Acceptance of the Goods:
    9.1 Upon taking delivery of the goods, the Buyer shall examine them as soon as it is reasonably practicable and within a reasonable period of time and shall forthwith notify the Seller if the goods are damaged in transit or do not accord with the specification or there are any missing items as set out in the confirmation of order. Notification must take place within three working days, excluding the day of delivery, and confirmed in writing to the Seller and in consideration of the Sellers right of claim with the Insurers.
    9.2 The Seller will have the right to verify any claims of damages in transit, in order for them to make an appropriate claim with their Insurers. The Buyer will Endeavour not to unreasonably delay notification to the Seller, so as to negate the Sellers insurance claim being made within 7 days of the termination of transit.
    9.3 If the Buyer seeks to reject the goods, as defective, within a reasonable period of time, then the Buyer will undertake to cease use of the goods immediately and notify the Seller. The Buyer will confirm in writing that the goods are rejected and available for the Sellers collection. The Buyer will also verify to the Seller that they have not copied or duplicated any licensed Software supplied by the Seller and the date of last use of the goods and the nature of the defect. The Seller will reserve the right to inspect the goods either on or off the Buyers premises and to verify that the goods are defective and that those defects are attributable to the goods supplied as claimed by the Buyer. Additionally the Seller and the Buyer may seek independent verification of a claim of defective goods and may consult with each other and will not incur unreasonable costs or any costs at all in inspecting the goods. Each party will agree that only a qualified person in Computers and their ancillary and peripheral goods performs an inspection. The Buyer and the Seller may agree to share the costs of a joint inspection and abide by the findings. The Seller and the Buyer agree not to delay an inspection beyond a reasonable period of time or unreasonably deny each other access to the goods to verify a defect.
    9.4 Following rejection of verified defective goods, the Buyer will make all the goods supplied available for collection by the Sellers Courier, at the Sellers cost, on a working day. The Buyer will undertake to pack the goods in their original protective packaging, if available, but in any event adequately for transit of goods of the nature supplied. A refund of any money paid will be made by the method of original payment and only for the goods made available to the Seller for collection. Collection of the goods will be from an address and on a date to be mutually agreed Between the Seller and the Buyer.

    9. Ownership & Risk:
    9.1 The Goods are at the Buyers risk when they are delivered to the Buyer or collected by the Buyer. The Seller specifically recommends to the Buyer that the Buyer adequately insures the goods for all risks.
    9.2 The Goods do not become the property of the Buyer until the Seller has been paid for the goods in full.

    10. Copyright & Software Installation:
    10.1 The Buyer shall not be entitled to any rights of copyright or design or any similar rights in respect of any goods supplied to the Buyer by the Seller. The Seller will be free to prepare, produce and supply goods of the same specification and design and sell them to any other parties without any restriction whatsoever.
    10.2 The Buyer is advised to take reasonable precautions to avoid infringing third party copyrights of any plans or specifications supplied by the Buyer, to the Seller. The Buyer shall be liable for any foreseeable and reasonable costs incurred by the Seller in defending any action in respect of a claim for any alleged breach of such rights, if Reasonable precautions, by the Buyer, has not taken place.
    10.3 Where the Buyer has ordered from the Seller licensed Software, this will be supplied to the Buyer in the manufacturers packaging for installation and license acceptance by the Buyer. The Buyer should read the terms of use of the Software, which appears on installation. The Seller will not install any licensed Software on behalf of The Buyer or accept the license terms on the Buyers behalf.