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    Seagate 2tb 7200rpm 64mb Cache Hard Drive

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    £66.05 inc Vat

    Product Description

    Seagate 1TB-per-disk technology marks another major milestone for the hard drive industry. To make this happen, Seagate engineers had to pack 340,000 hard drive tracks into the width of a single inch. This means that, when reading and writing data, the read/write head needs to accurately follow a track that is a mere 75 nano meters wide. That's about 500 times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. Seagate AcuTrac technology helps enable this incredible feat-reliably and accurately following these nano tracks even in challenging operating environments, like an all-in-one PC with the music turned up. Barracuda 1TB-per-disk hard drives now include a host of refined technologies to further boost performance. Combined, these improvements squeeze even more performance out of storage already known for pushing the envelope.

    Best-Fit Applications: Desktop or all-in-one PCs; Home servers; PC-based gaming systems; Desktop RAID; Direct-attached external storage devices (DAS); Network-attached storage devices (NAS).

    Main Features

    • Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 Hard Disk Drive
    • 2000GB Capacity
    • SATA 6Gb/s NCQ interface
    • 64MB cache
    • 12th generation of the worlds most popular desktop hard drive
    • Reliability demonstrated by low predicted annualized failure rates of less than 1%
    • Seagate SmartAlign technology means a transparent, no-hassle transition to Advanced Format 4K sector hard drives
    • Seagate OptiCache Technology and AcuTrac Technology
    Disk Size: 3.5 Inches
    Disk Capacity: 2000 GB
    Disk Speed: 7200 RPM
    Drive Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
    Data Buffer/RAM: 64 MB
    Platters: 3
    Cylinders: 16,383
    Heads: 6
    Bytes per Sector: 4K Sector with Emulation
    Sectors per Track: 63
    Average Seek Time: Read: 8.5ms Write: 9.5 ms
    Average Latency: 4.16 ms
    Seek Time (Track to Track): Read: 1.0ms Write: 1.2 ms
    Data Transfer Rates: 600 MB/s
    Power Requirement Spin Up (Max): 8.0 Watts
    Power Requirement Idle (Ready): 5.4 Watts
    Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 C
    Non Operating Temperature: -40 to 70 C
    Relative Humidity: 5 to 95 %
    Shock (Non Operating): 350Gs for 2ms
    Vibration (Operating): 0.5Gs
    Vibration (Non-Operating): 3.0Gs
    Acoustics (Seek Mode): 2.6 dB
    Acoustics (Idle Mode): 2.4 dB
    Altitude (Operating): -304.8 to 3048 m
    Altitude (Non-Operating): -304.8 to 12,192 m
    Temperature Gradient: 20 C per hour
    Form Factor: Hard Disk Drive
    Enclosure type: Internal
    Width: 10.16 cm
    Depth: 14.69 cm
    Height: 2.6 cm
    Weight: 0.63 kg
    Warranty: 2 Years
    Barcode: 7636490026003